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Welcome to the BusinessBlocks VIP Club, where exceptional video production meets your unique needs. 

VIP Club

What is the VIP Club?

Think of it as your exclusive VIP pass to top-tier video production, without the hassles of traditional retainers. It's our way of making sure you get the best every time.

How Does It Work?

We've simplified the process to empower you​

  1. Video Production Points: Our points system puts you in control.​

    • Full Service Videos (2 points): These are our Full-Service Storytelling videos. We'll shoot, edit, and help craft a story that aligns with your vision. It's the whole package, designed to engage and captivate your audience.

    • Basic Videos (1 point): Versatility at its best. Basic videos can cover various needs:

      • Raw Footage: Need raw video shot and handed over? We've got you covered.

      • Editing: Already have video but require editing? No problem.

      • Shoot & Edit with Your Script: You provide the script; we handle the rest. Ideal when you have a clear vision and need professional execution.

    • À La Carte Items (1 point each): Choose from individual video services, including raw video shoots, video editing, audio recording, scripting, story creation and much more.​

  2. Quarterly Flexibility: Accumulate and use your points over a quarter, not just a month, for maximum flexibility.

  3. Video Marketing Expertise: We're not just videographers; we're your video marketing consultants. We'll help you plan how to use your points effectively.

Who is it for?

VIP Club is tailor-made for:

  • Businesses: Ideal for companies producing regular videos across various departments. With the ability to share your benefits and split the costs.

    • Marketing Departments: Elevate your branding with compelling storytelling.

    • Internal Communications: Engage employees with informative videos.

    • HR Departments: Enhance your hiring process with captivating recruitment videos.

    • Training Teams: Boost conversions with impactful product/service videos.

    • Non-profits: Tell your story and create emotional connections with your audience.

  • Communications Agencies: Let your clients tap into your VIP Club membership or use it for your agency's needs.

    • PR Agencies: Produce dynamic promotional videos for your clients.

    • Marketing Agencies: Access a dedicated video team without the overhead.

    • Web Design Firms: Enhance your website projects with engaging video content.

Membership Benefits

  1. Strategic Planning: Quarterly discussions and monthly reminders keep your video strategy on track.

  2. ​Time Efficiency: Skip the research; we're ready to roll when you are.

  3. Instant Access: Reserve shoots on the fly without contracts or deposits.

  4. Reduced Travel Costs(if any): Making your video projects even more budget-friendly.

  5. Priority Editing: Gain priority access to our editing services for quicker results.

  6. Additional Revisions: 4 revisions per project, more available at a discounted rate

  7. Project and Raw Footage Storage: Safeguard your video assets with secure storage.

  8. Point Rollover: At the end of each quarter, 25% of your unused points will roll over into the next quarter.

  9. Inspiration: Regular video production enhances effectiveness and motivation.

  10. Cost Savings: Unlock instant savings on every video, with larger packages translating to even lower costs per video.

  11. Agency Advantage: Agencies can extend their benefits to their clients. Enabling them to leverage your VIP status and produce cost-effectively.

  12. Corporate Perks: Spread use and cost across departments for budget-friendly membership.













Ready for VIP Treatment?

Apply now to unlock exclusive services and savings with
BusinessBlocks VIP Club!

While we appreciate your interest in the BusinessBlocks VIP CLUB, please note that not all applications are approved. Our aim is to ensure that every member receives the utmost value and exceptional service. We carefully review each application to determine the best fit for the club. If your application is not accepted, please don't be discouraged. It may be an opportunity for us to explore other ways we can assist you in your video endeavors. Thank you for your understanding.

By submitting this form, you're inviting BusinessBlocks to reach out and chat about our exclusive VIP CLUB.

Thank you for applying to the BusinessBlocks VIP CLUB! Your application has been received, and we will review it shortly. Expect to hear from us soon to schedule a call and discuss opportunities.

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